YouTube Channel

The YouTube channel „Thoughts on Stories“ provides video content on the subject of illustrated stories. Watching is the new reading, so this channel gives you an easy way of consuming information related to the written theoretical work you can find on this website. You can find Video Essays and Picture Book Analysis here.

War Picture Books | Video Essay

This video discusses “War Picture Books” from the First World War – historically and morally. Since war strongly shaped the way of living during the First World War, it became part of picture books as well. Watch this video in addition to the article on War Picture Books you can find on this Website!

How to turn shapes into characters

This video is about character design in the broader sense, but focusing on aspects which might not be as obvious as the visual appearance. That’s why I’m concentrating on simple geometrical shapes, no shiny graphics here! This video was inspired by the video game “Thomas Was Alone”.