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Clemens Birsak

Dort oben bei den Sternen

Every night when it’s dark outside, a little boy looks up to the sky to watch the stars. Someday he’ll go there, he thinks to himself, and he’ll play with the bears and lions. A story about wishes and imagination and keeping dreams alive.

A little boy who loves the stars imagines a whole world of animals up there. His mother doesn’t seem to think so, his father is more concered about him not sleeping enough. His grandfather is supportive though. He says he went up there once. Last weekend with grandma, on a tandem bike. 
Grandma says he might make it up there too! So his travel begins.

Language: German
Pages: 30
Format: 26cm x 23cm

Publisher: Edition Tandem, Salzburg, Austria.
Printed by Theiss

ISBN 978-3-904068-02-4

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